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tried to reach deep

August 2019



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tried to reach deep

fic: with the sun in your eyes

Title: with the sun in your eyes
Series: Hetalia
Character/Pairing: Sweden/Finland
Word count: 543
Rating: PG at most? It's fluffy and tame
Author's note: kink meme, to the request of 'something non-depressing' (with a bonus for Sweden/Finland or Spain/Romano)

The title comes from "Bedshaped" by Keane.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. It tends to come around for people who live in the colder Northern areas especially due to lack of sunlight. I suffer it nigh every winter. Needless to say, It's especially prevalent in Nordic countries. One of the main treatments is Light Therapy, using either natural sunlight, or other means of light.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_affective_disorder for more.


"W'ke 'p."

Finland groaned and turned over. It was still dark. How long had it been dark? He wanted to just sleep until Spring came.

"Those bears have it lucky..."


"Mm. Bears. I wish I was a bear... warm in my cave....." Finland buried his head in a pillow. "'m sleepy. Let me sleep a little longer, Su-san...."

Sweden lifted him up and carried him. Finland's head rested against his chest. He didn't protest.

Finland blinked groggily at the light in the room. This was new, he thought. It blinded his view of the familiar sitting room with its thick, colorful curtains to bring a bit of life, and the beige couch which was dotted with so much food Sealand had spilled on it over the years.. Su-san set him down. The cold air woke him right up, that was for sure. Wood floors, the warm feel of the crocheted rug made from parts of old quilts. He smelled the scent of the wood cook stove burning with new lumber, at the far side of the room. Su-san must've gone out early and cut more lumber, since at last count, they'd almost been out. Finland was too tired to remember when that had last been. Last night? Two weeks ago?

Su-san began to undo the buttons on his thick flannel pajamas. Finland started, surprised at Su-san's fingers, which were always cold and rough, no matter how gentle he was.

"Eeee, Su-san, Sealand might walk in—"

The air was chilling, even despite the heater. He felt gooseflesh prickle over his skin, and rubbed at his exposed arms. Su-san had his arms wrapped around him, but it wasn't a passionate embrace. It took a groggy moment for Finland to realize that he was keeping him warm. He closed his eyes. It was like staring into the sun, a warmer day. He could smell Su-san near, like pine and woodsmoke. Finland sighed contentedly.

He had a faint thought of a fairytale, about stealing the sun away – or maybe it was a dream. And the thought remained in his mind you stole the sun for me, Su-san.

"Do you mind if I stay here a while, just like this, Su-san?"


They eased into the big comfy reading chair, with Finland sprawled over his lap and chest. He leaned back, his head against Su-san's chest. His heartbeat was always a strong sound, like rivers, rushing so gelid and yet not solid. And despite that Su-sun was winter through and through, from his stoicisms, to his his stilted language and his gaze, Su-san always reminded him of thawing.


Mmmm, just as warm and comforting as the tea I'm drinking.
This is such a warm story, for being about the cold/winter. I too come from an area with lots of S.A.D. occurrences. I haven't personally experienced it (at least not in a way other than not wanting to get up/go outside/etc). I've recently moved somewhere much more sunny and am oddly nostalgic for being sluggish and vaguely depressed in the winter. This story was the perfect thought for all that. The reluctance of getting out of bed but the warm comfort of a cozy house, and (obviously) Sweden. Very, very lovely.
Lovely little fic, very sweet!