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comment_fic has a monthly fic challenge to go through the lonely prompts and finish as many as you can. Human Canvas was part of this bunch too -- they were all written at the same time but I didn't get around to posting these until now.

Title: They Do It With Mirrors |
Series: Ouran
Character/Pairing: Sort of twin hiveminding
Rating: PG?
Word count: 265
A/N: comment_fic: Hikaru/Kaoru, mirror images

It is narcissism at its finest. Like laying at a mirror and seeing a perfect image, except this image had another living, breathing soul within it. This is a new game, a surreal wonderland. If he lifts his hand, his brother will as well. He starts to speak and it sounds like a prepared script. He wonders how his brother will respond to this – impromptu? But he suspects it will fit just as seamless as they have in every waking moment since their birth.

“You look like me,” he says.

“No, it is you who looks like me,” his brother says.

“But which of us is which?” he says.

“You’re the reflection,” his brother says.

“No, you are,” he says.

They are finger to finger, hand to hand. Breath against the glass. If makes a gesture then his brother will mirror the gesture. If someone were to call his name, his brother would answer, and he would do the same should the opposite happen. He wonders how far he can push this charade.
How long will it take for them to bore of this tawdry game? Who can tell.

“There’s only one way to find out, you know,” he says. He smirks, daring his brother on.

He sees the same smirk fall over his brother’s face like a shadow. Their hands entwine and meet and the mirror image is a sideways eight forever sign. His brother takes the dare.

Title: Deuce
Series: Ouran
Character/Pairing: twins hiveminding
Rating: PG?
Word count:
A/N: comment_fic: hikaru/kaoru, rumors.

One day in their second year of the Host Club, his brother pulls him aside. He looks, and his brother stares at a gaggling collection of girls on the outset. His brother’s eyes shift back to them, and they sparkle with future thoughts of mischief.

“There’s rumors that we’re too close.”

“Too close?”

“Too close...”

It comes to him, thin and papery. It rustles with the enticing ambition, the excitement of the new solace from the constant boredom. He could stroke the cheek of his brother and watch as people shrieked. Interest, disgust, either one would be amusing to draw out. The realization of this hits his brother at nigh the same time. A smile spreads over both of their faces simultaneously.

“Too close,” he says, but this time it sounds like a purr.

A new game begins.

Title: One Use of Camera Cellphones
Series: Oofuri
Character/Pairing: mentions of Abe/Mihashi & Tajima/Hanai. Implied Chiyo-chan > Momokan.
Rating: PG-13 for...Tajima. And Momokan.
Word count: 198
A/N: comment_fic: Hanai/Tajima, cellphone.
PURE CRACK. I think my biggest issue with writing Oofuri is I always want to write like, Mistress Momokan And Her Beloved Yurislave Conspire To Gay Up The Team For The Sake Of Victory and uh. YEAH. I KNOW.

To: “Momokan”
From: “Tajima”

Hey coach! Look what I caught with my cellphone! The Love Love battery pair is bonding really well. I guess that whole ‘locking them in a closet’ DID work. Great idea, coach!

Oh yeah, did you know that there’s pictures of you all over Chiyo-chan’s locker? I didn’t know you posed for a swimsuit ad, coach! You look really great! That thong bikini really shows off your assets!

I’ve taken your advice to heart and am currently trying to increase the bond with Hanai – cuz I can’t have Abe and Mihashi winning!

Oh wait, he’s waking up, I better go. Seeya next practice, coach!

PS: The purple fuzzy handcuffs you lent work great, by the way.

attachments: abeandmihashimakeout.jpg, hanaibed.jpg

Title: Like A Locker Room Love (Or: Caught Between A Sadist And A Mad Scientist)
Series: Tenipuri
Character/Pairing: Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG at very most.
Word count: 369
A/N: comment_fic: Inui/Kaidoh, private. Unintentionally related to this piece

Kaidoh draws a sharp intake of breath as the door opens. Inui fits into the metallic atmosphere of the locker room better than any of the others, even Tezuka cannot fit the same sense of rightness in this austere setting. Kaidoh can hear Eiji and Fuji giggling outside in the adjoining room, but here, on this bench there is a semblance of privacy. He watches Inui the way prey watches a predator, warily out of the corner of his eye.

Inui mutters to himself, his head wrapped around the chains of data he forms in his plain, blue notebook. Kaidoh holds tight to the damp towel around his neck.

Inui, seemingly finished with one equation, turns to a page in the back. He writes something and passes the notebook to Kaidoh.

There are only a few words written down in Inui’s neat, almost mechanical handwriting.

Training after practice. Same place, same time.

Kaidoh expels a breath. These meetings are a secret as a pair of lovers. The paper might as well say Do you like me? Check yes or no

The thought (and its connotations) make him blush.

Kaidoh nods, and turns his face to hide the coloring of his cheeks. It is two late, however, for two people have caught his flushed cheeks: Inui and Fuji.

Two people who would make good use of that information, two people who were not about to forget. Unseen by Kaidoh, Fuji smiles at Inui as if this was all some mutual plan of theirs all along.


I kinda wanted to continue, but didn’t feel I could pull off the ‘no dialogue’ for anything longer. Sorry! though if you make another request, I could link them together...~
Actually, it reminds me of this thing I did ages ago where Fuji teases Inui in the locker rooms about his relationship with Kaidoh. I can’t find it for the life of me, though.

Title: Challenger To The Challenged
Series: Tenipuri
Character/Pairing: technically it’s supposed to be Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma, but it’s more Ryoma –>Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: PG?
Word count: 328
A/N: : Tezuka/Fuji/Ryoma, upperclassmen
Based on a scene in a chapter I’ve now forgotten. Right after Tezuka returns in time for the Nationals. I swear this is pretty much what happened in canon, except the Tezuka/Fuji part was offscreen.

They’d been catching up on shared silence at the side of a fountain. Fuji had just begun a well, you see to fill in his half of the story before prying loose Tezuka’s part with the conversational equivalent of a crowbar crowbar when they were interrupted.

“I’ve got my eyes on you, buchou,” Ryoma said.

Ryoma tipped his hat and raised his racket like a sword, like a challenge to their leader. For a few minutes, they were kept in that charged silence of the challenger and the challenged – the leader and his protege and the extraneous, yet very amused outsider and insider to this group.

Tezuka said nothing, but Fuji smiled at Ryoma’s sheer audacity.

Without further ado, Ryoma turned with just a parting shot of I will become that Pillar. They both watched him. Tezuka, grimly, but with a certain sense of pride, and Fuji with untold amusement.

When Ryoma had gone, Fuji turned to Tezuka.

“...if I didn’t know better, I’d think he was challenging me for a spot in your bed, Tezuka,” Fuji murmured.

Tezuka snorted. “I doubt he’d kick you out.”

Fuji laughed. “You grew a sense of humor while you were away! Did you miss me that much~?”

Tezuka didn’t reply. He looked away in a gesture that was almost shy.

“Saa, you must have...” Fuji said. He took two steps closer and reached out for Tezuka’s uninjured arm.

“I missed you too,” Fuji whispered.

Tezuka sighed, and it was like an affirmation, a yes, and I and so much more.

Title: Put A Smile On Your Face
Series: Ouran
Character/Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi
Word count: 215
A/N: comment_fic: Kyouya/Haruhi, learning how to smile.

“It’s real, isn’t it?”

Her question, simple and quiet as it is, caught him off-guard. Kyouya’s smiles were of the manufactured, plastic variety. They came in all shapes and sizes and yet were undeniably fake. His laughter was canned and borrowed and more often than not, snide.

It came as a shock. He looked at her, shrewd and appraising. But it was Haruhi. She had no motive or angle, no agenda. She looked up with a commoner’s face and plain haircut. She was unadorned, she was different.

“You should smile more,” she said. “It makes your face light up. You’re far more approachable that way.”

He paused a moment, as if to consider his words carefully. He was never impulsive, never quick to say the first thing that came to mind like Tamaki was.

“Perhaps you could teach me then? I could make it worth your while...”

She frowned. “I don’t need to be money for such a thing–”

He smiled, a real, honest and amused smile. He had never been more genuine than this moment.

“I never said It’d be money I’d be paying you with.”
Tags: abemihashi, comment_fic, drabble, fic, hanai/tajima, inukai, kyouya/haruhi, momoe/shinooka, oofuri, ouran, tenipuri, tezufuji, tezufujiryo
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