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[31_days][september tenth][tenipuri] makeshift airplanes

Title: makeshift airplanes
Day/Theme: September 10 / the flying redhead
Series: tenipuri
Character/Pairing: Eiji, Oishi,
Rating: PG

(for siiiis because she is awesome ♥ XD)

When Eiji was younger, his eyes were always aimed upwards. He’d bend his legs, springing up enough reaching out his hands just enough so he could taste the clouds – surely they’d be sweet like cotton candy. Maybe sit on the crescent moon and watch the stars twinkle by. As he grew, bits and pieces of this dream remained buried, so that he spent more time jumping, training, gymnastics – he had agile, catlike grace to make this easier, but somehow the sky never seemed any closer. He’d fold paper airplanes and fly them across the classrooms after school and before practice, sometimes they’d go out the windows, falling to the ground below, but floating for such a long time before falling.

Eiji never told anyone, except one person and Oishi was always in the “special” category anyways. He told Oishi everything, so of course he’d tell him about barely-remembered dreams from years ago. He almost expected him to laugh, but he didn’t laugh, at least not in a mean way.

Oishi just said that he would do whatever possible for this dream, and let Eiji stand on his shoulders, even though it hurt so Eiji offered to rub his shoulders maybe tomorrow after practice, except that was supposed to be for studying Oishi said almost sternly but not because he was Oishi.

But sitting on Oishi’s shoulders (standing is so tiring after a while!), with Oishi’s fingers spread over the top of legs, his hands are outstretched, and the clouds are that much closer.
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