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[31_days][september sixth][hanakimi] threads

Happy birthday, Ren and Kate. I'll upload something for you guys later ;; but for now, sleep.

Title: threads
Day/Theme: September 06 / remember this day
Series: Hanakimi
Character/Pairing: Akiha, Ebi,
Rating: PG


Akiha always sends her cards, always carefully picked, this year it was flowers, spring tulips all different shades. He’s never missed a birthday, Christmas, even the occasional card for no reason at all.

Even though she sees him nearly every day, has lunch and has little secrets from him – still he always manages to remember the little things of her. Her favorite perfumes, clothes, places, memories.

And one day every year she sits and takes the day off. Sipping tea for the wake of the threads that bound them, now tied differently.

And each year she gets another card, something more somber with landscapes and nothing inside except a scrawl in his characteristic handwriting.

I never regretted it.
Tags: 31_days, fic, gen, hanakimi, het
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