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tried to reach deep

August 2019




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Jul. 9th, 2024

tried to reach deep

this journal is now friends only.

Actually, Semi!friends only. Fics, fanmixes and several other 'fandom associated things are left unlocked.

update: Because of new lj policies, I may one day have to lock explicit content, but for now it's here and open. If shit starts going down, I might start flocking any NC-17 fics, but they'll remain open at said Dreamwidth and I'll directly link to the relevant tag. Now back to your regularly scheduled friends only post.

update x 2: I did a friends cut, mostly limited to people who I no longer had anything in common with, or who weren't around anymore. I tried to leave people who lurked for fic on, but if you're not dead, (but just sleeping) and/or want to be put back on, just let me know.

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Aug. 23rd, 2020

tried to reach deep

The One Disclaimer to Rule Them All

On the matter of disclaimers:

Unless otherwise stated (i.e. an original work of my own), I claim no ownership to any series or otherwise anything I write fanfiction for.

I am not making any money off of this, it is only used for entertainment purposes, no infringement of copyright is intended.

Aug. 18th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

Awakening Drama CD 4, man. Spoilers?Collapse )

Aug. 15th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

RIP Lootcrate.

I never did get around to getting one of those.

Aug. 12th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

for anyone who missed it, there's a youtube project that translates the FEA dramas with sprites pretty neat.
tried to reach deep

(no subject)

[community profile] unconventionalfanworkex

Unconventional Fanworks Exchange is an event focussed on content not usually seen in the exchange circuit, including (but not limited to) poetry, interactive fiction, podfic, vids, audio not!fic, meta, in-universe texts, and multimedia fanwork. If it's not traditional fic or art, it's probably fair game. Further details available on the comm (or via pm-ing me).

Nominations: now - 20 August 20:59 GMT-0600
Sign-ups: 21 August 20:59 GMT-0600 - 29 August 20:59 GMT-0600
Due: 14 October 20:59 GMT-0600
Work Reveals: 21 October 20:59 GMT-0600
Author Reveals: 28 October 20:59 GMT-0600

Aug. 11th, 2019

tried to reach deep

fic: Hardly Soundproof

Title: Hardly Soundproof
Series: FEA
Character/pairing: Laurent/Noire, hints of others, Inigio/Gerome if you squint at the end.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,177
Summary: Laurent's out on watch duty when Noire joins him. He then explains that the screams, cries and moans that echo through the camp aren't quite from the Risen.
Author's note: The PG-13 is for suggestive content, lol. This assumes that (most, at least) of the second gen or 18 or older, due to comments like Severa referring to Noire as a 'grown woman.' and several others (Cynthia, Severa) noting that they're about the same age as their parents are now.

Listen, I drag this game with love. I have put hundreds of hours into this damn game. I'm going to buy all that damn DLC and fill up the supports with....an exception of a few supports that I can't bear to get.

Anyways they only come as mentions, but various other pairs:
Lucina/Severa/Kjelle because fuck choosing which girlfriend Severa gets, Severa gets two girlfriends.

It doesn't come up, but Noire's dad is Henry and Laurent's is Ricken.

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Aug. 8th, 2019

tried to reach deep

fic: A Series of Illogical Events (From Point A To Point You)

Title: A Series of Illogical Events (From Point A To Point You) (part 1)
Series: FE
Character/Pairing: Ike/Soren
Rating: PG-13 currently, probablyu will change, lol
Word count: 1,958
Author's Note: This has an interesting history. Basically, there's [Unknown LJ tag]. It hosts original m/m (and f/f) fiction. Sometimes people basically write an au fanfic, do a search & find and give it as original on purpose.. Since BBS is anonymous and such, (well, unless you own up) I got the whacked out idea to do an Ike/Soren business au + search and find it as original characters for the lulz.

This started as something like that, then I switched it back as I figured it read better as an Ike/Soren fic and changed it back.

Oh, and the party is playing Anamanaguchi - Meow and Nyancat.

Happy (late, sorry! I wrote the date wrong ;-;) birthday, Ashikai. Also, IkeSoren discord begged me to finish this and post this when they prompted a very similar prompt, so they're to blame~

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Aug. 4th, 2019

tried to reach deep

fic: Greenery

Title: Greenery
Series: Voltron
Character/pairing: Allurance
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,583
Summary: Lance wants to surprise Allura with a gift of plants. Except, he finds that he doesn't exactly have a green thumb.
Author's note:
sarajaye gave me the prompt of
-planting a garden in their new home

or, my translation was Lance trying (trying!) to do the whole house plant thing and...not having luck with it.

Listen, succulents are surprisingly hard to raise. Note that I didn't employ Lance's (questionable) plant raising tactics. Air plants are a delight, though. I keep getting coupons for them.

Note: This is a middle finger at the finale sort of thing that has Allura still gaining that massive godly power (even more so than usual) but totally just staying in her Altaen form and still dating Lance and not a nebula somewhere.

God is a Woman, she shops at Lowes and Lance is dating her, basically.

Happy birthday, Ching.

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Aug. 3rd, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

Links: DW Community | Rules & Schedule | AO3 Collection | Tag Set

Description: New exchange! 2019 will mark the first year of the Femdom Exchange. Femdom Exchange is a fic and art exchange focused on relationships where at least one member of the pairing identifies as female and takes a dominant role in the relationship.

Both het and femslash pairings are allowed, as well as multiships. Please see the Rules & Schedule post for more information.

Nominations open: August 21
Nominations close: August 30
Signups open: September 1
Signups close: September 11
Assignments out by: September 13
Assignments due: November 1
Work reveals: November 8
Author reveals: November 15

Deadlines are all at 11:59pm PDT (UTC-7).


Samu, I bet you'd like this one. I....actually might sign up for this one. The power of the pegging compels, lol.

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