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tried to reach deep

June 2019




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Jul. 9th, 2024

tried to reach deep

this journal is now friends only.

Actually, Semi!friends only. Fics, fanmixes and several other 'fandom associated things are left unlocked.

update: Because of new lj policies, I may one day have to lock explicit content, but for now it's here and open. If shit starts going down, I might start flocking any NC-17 fics, but they'll remain open at said Dreamwidth and I'll directly link to the relevant tag. Now back to your regularly scheduled friends only post.

update x 2: I did a friends cut, mostly limited to people who I no longer had anything in common with, or who weren't around anymore. I tried to leave people who lurked for fic on, but if you're not dead, (but just sleeping) and/or want to be put back on, just let me know.

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Aug. 23rd, 2020

tried to reach deep

The One Disclaimer to Rule Them All

On the matter of disclaimers:

Unless otherwise stated (i.e. an original work of my own), I claim no ownership to any series or otherwise anything I write fanfiction for.

I am not making any money off of this, it is only used for entertainment purposes, no infringement of copyright is intended.

Jun. 25th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

While I'm at it on the choochoo supports I suddenly wanted in Awakening chain, I kinda wish the second gens got in-law supports.

Even if many of them (Tharja, I'm looking at you) would just be 'if you ever hurt my child...' talks.

Jun. 24th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)


Send me a ship and I’ll fill out how I feel about it.


Jun. 18th, 2019

tried to reach deep

fic: A Hands On Approach

Title: A Hands On Approach
Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Character/pairing: Laurent/Noire
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After Noire goes blood and thunder on him, Laurent deals with his new realization of feelings for her in a hands on manner.
Word count: 2,553
Author's note:

content notes: jaaacking offfff + fantasies. (blowjobs + girl on top + a bit of blood and thunder Noire so some verbal humiliation. Pretty vanilla stuff.) Also this fic is canon. Yup. This is totally what happened between the A and S support. This is canon, INTSYS told me so.

Ricken!Laurent, thought it doesn't come up. Gaius!Noire because one of my latest playthroughs has that.

This assumes that Noire is around 18-19 and Laurent at least 20+, as per implied in various supports. (Severa's has her telling Noire that she is a "grown woman" while Laurent's time travel issues has him quite a few years older than everyone else and refers to him as an adult.) All characters depicted here are adults.

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tried to reach deep

(no subject)

While I'm at the subject of Awakening and supports, I keep forgetting and getting annoyed all over again that Stahl can't support Chrom or Frederick. Generally, your cavalier duo/trio and Jeigan have supports. It was understandable in POR when say, Titiania and Kieran or Ike and Kieran couldn't support, (Ike got a base scene for Kieran anyways) but Frederick and Chrom should've been able to support Stahl! Basically all of the Shepards should've at least gotten friendship supports with each other!

Even if the Frederick/Stahl supports would've just be WORK HARDER FOR CHROM and the Chrom supports would've just been like "snack break now?" "Snack break now."

Jun. 17th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

The Woman Who Accidentally Started the Incel Movement

TIL that the incel movement was started by a polymorous bisexual woman who meant it to be inclusive and just people talking about being lonely and accidentally had it hijacked by what we now know as incels.

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tried to reach deep

(no subject)

Rules: list the first lines of your last 10 published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or have other people say what they notice.

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Jun. 16th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

So, I'm doing Lon'qu/Olivia for my F!Robin file, (which is cute, like all Olivia supports) and it only makes me sad that there wasn't Basilio/Lon'qu supports.

And for that matter, Flavia/Olivia supports.


Jun. 15th, 2019

tried to reach deep

(no subject)

HetSwap Sign Ups are open now!

Please take a look through the sign up instructions. We're open for fic, fanart, fanvids, and podfic this year.

Sign ups close 11:59pm MST on June 20.

Sign Ups: June 12 - June 20
Assignments out by: June 24
Assignments due: August 10
Collection revealed: August 17
Creators revealed: August 24

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